3200 Series Introduction

Key Features

  • Fastest and safest solution for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT and Insulation Testers
  • Calibration time reduced to under 15 minutes
  • Dedicated, localized mains socket
  • Test uncertainty ratio of 4:1 when calibrating electricians test tools
  • Short warm up time
  • Portable and lightweight


The industry-leading 3200B series provides the fastest and safest solution for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT’s and insulation testers by far.

By using the 3200B series, calibration time can be drastically reduced, while superior accuracy means that cost-effective calibration can be put easily in to practice, ensuring a fast return on investment.


The industry-leading 3200A series provides by far the fastest and safest solution for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT’s and insulation testers.

Traditional testing practices require many pieces of test equipment and exposure to hazardous voltages, with a typical multifunction tester taking up to 45 minutes to test.

Using the 3200A, calibration time can be dramatically reduced to under 15 minutes, all while increasing safety. Cost-effective calibration can be put into practice easily, providing a fast return on investment.

A dedicated localized mains socket on the front panel provides direct connect for Loop and RCD testers, removing the need to make connections to the mains/line voltage using 4mm type test leads and crocodile clips. This important safety feature eliminates the risk of shock to the engineer as connections are made with standard mains/line plugs.


Electric tester tools are continually improving, adding ranges, functions and getting ever more accurate.

The 3200B/9200B provides suitable accuracy for calibration of even the most accurate electricians test tools whilst remaining competitively priced and easy to use. The 3200A/9200A achieve a test uncertainty ratio (TUR) of 4:1 when calibrating electricians test tools to provide confidence whilst calibrating.


The 3200A and 9200A have been designed to have short warm up times for the ultimate in portability. The 3200A/9200A can be up and testing in less than 20 minutes, and are light enough to be carried everywhere.



As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed. Existing procedures will not need to be re-written, due to Transmille’s unique implementation of flexible standards support where procedures are written around the UUT, not the standard.

Choose the perfect Model

3200 Model

Continuity Resistance Standard Accuracy
Best 1 Year Accuracy
0.2Ω - 1kΩ
1% (0.25% Option)
Continuity Current
Best 1 Year Accuracy
0 - 320mA
Insulation Test Voltage Measurement
Best 1 Year Accuracy
0Ω - 2GΩ
0.3% (0.1% Option)
AC Voltage Output
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
100V - 400V
Loop Resistance
Best 1 Year Accuracy
3mA - 3A
Pat Earth Bond Resistance
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0.05Ω - 1kΩ
Pat Earth Bond Current Measurement
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
100mA - 30A
Pat Insulation Resistance
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0Ω - 2GΩ
0.3% (0.1% Option)
Pat Leakage Current
Best 1 Year Accuracy
2mA - 7.7mA
Pat Leakage Test Voltage
Best 1 Year Accuracy
100V - 300V

External Adaptors and Accessories (Add Anytime)

Breakdown Adapter (BREAKD)

The Hipot/Breakdown tester adapter offers a unique solution to the safe, fast calibration of both voltage output and leakage current measurements on hipot/breakdown testers. Designed to sit flat on the workbench the high voltage probes, with a switch in the handle often used with breakdown testers, can be safely pressed down on the adapter terminals.

The breakdown adapter provides 3kV & 12kV voltage measurement ranges for both AC and DC. LEDs indicate which terminal should be used. To calibrate the output/leakage current display of the hipot/breakdown tester, the adapter provides 9 high-power resistors to provide current loads of up to 20mA @1000V – a function not available on other calibrators.


  • 4 voltage ranges: 3kV & 12kV, AC and DC Voltage
  • 9 Load Resistors/Current Ranges: 50kOhms (20mA) to 20MOhms (20uA) @ 1kV


EXT HV Adapter (EXTHV)

The high resistance insulation adapter for the 3200B/9200B provides a low-cost solution for the resistance calibration of some makes of high voltage (above 1kV) insulation testers, avoiding the problem of obtaining calibrated high value, high voltage resistors.

The adapter both increases the test voltage at which calibration can be performed, and also increases the resistance range of the 3200B by a factor of 10. This allows the standard 3200B to be used for resistance calibration of testers up to 15kV at up to 200 GOhms. With the 10G option fitted to the 3200B, values of up to 1 TOhm can be simulated.


  • Calibrates insulation testers at voltages up to 15kV
  • Simulates resistances up to 1TOhm


3200 Series Introduction

An introduction to the 3200 Series Calibrator.

3200 Series Demonstration

In this video, we have a demonstration of the 3200 Series Calibrator.