Transmille was founded in 1997 as a UKAS ISO-17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. Our product manufacturing began and continues today with one singular focus; “Solutions in Calibration”. We make products that allow our laboratory to function at the lowest uncertainties levels, calibrate equipment more efficiently, safer, and perhaps most importantly too many of our customers….cost effectively.

Our products include everything a commercial low frequency and DC electrical calibration lab needs.

Multiproduct CalibratorsDigital MultimetersCalibration SoftwareGPS Frequency Standards
Current ShuntsVoltage StandardsResistance StandardsElectrical Test Calibrators


Pretty much every company on the planet will profess to have first class customer service. While size does matter when it comes to being able to provide global reach and local support, especially for international organizations, Transmille’s origins as a small family run calibration laboratory also means we understand the challenges facing smaller labs and startups.

Your business is equally important to us. We understand you may need a little more guidance in the early days and we will treat you with the same level of support and respect as the larger organizations.

  • We offer the lowest price to performance on the market and the longest standard warranties in the industry, 3 Years!
  • Our re-calibration pricing is extremely competitive, with efficient turnaround times.
  • Repair costs from our facility are fractions of what our competitors charge
  • Our software is designed to allow users of lesser experience be productive without an 2 week training course


Our UK Primary lab has been UKAS Accredited since inception in 1997 and our USA based service center dedicated to supporting all Americas (north, Central and South) achieved accreditation via ANAB in 2019 office  We can now provide both Traceable and Accredited calibrations right here in the US.

Our US Capabilities not only support our own equipment and that of other electrical metrology manufacturers, but also include a full temperature standards lab utilizing ITS-90 fixed point cells and Comparison calibrations from -200°C to 1200°C.

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Scope of Calibration

Calibration Terms and Conditions

ISO-17025 (2017) Accreditation Certificate


2020 – To Be Announced

Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, after a two year hiatus from new product announcements, Transmille is gearing up for a big one! - Stay Tuned!

2018-2019 USA ISO-17025

In addition to the America's Service center getting accredited to ISO17025:2017 , we spent a lot of time traveling supporting the growing global distribution. We visited over 40 countries in this period.

20 Years of Innovation

2017 marked 20 years of Transmille's innovation and service. Also, ProCal version 6 was announced, as well as the 8100 Series Multimeters, which build on the usability of the 8000.


In 2015, Transmille began shipping the 4010, which now featured carry handles, binding posts, and a redesigned color scheme. 2016 saw a visual redesign of the 8000 Series.


The Transmille 8600 GPS Frequency Source/Measurement Reference was released in 2014, and the 4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator was announced.

2013-Portability Redefined

Transmille's 1000 Ultra Portable Multifunction Calibrator was released setting new benchmarks for accuracy, price and portability. Weighing only 22lbs, and under $8000 USD.

2011 “A” Great Year

The "A" versions of all calibrators series were released in 2011, bringing numerous user interface and accuracy improvements over the previous generation of calibrators.

(2009-2010) Busy Years

Transmille released the 8000 Series of Precision Multimeters in 2009. In 2010, the a dedicated sales and service center for the Americas was opened in Vermont, USA

The Queen’s Award

Transmille was awarded the 2008 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Outstanding Innovation for the development and international success of the 3000 series multi product calibrators.

2006 and 2007

2006 featured the release of our 3000 Series Multiproduct Calibrators and 3200 Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator. Our range of Precision References followed in 2007


In 2003, Transmille’s 3100 Portable Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator was released, and we moved into our new purpose-built facility in Staplehurst, England.

2000 – 2001

In 2000, Transmille began to export through our global network of distributors. Then, in 2001, the 2080 Electrical Check Box for 16th Edition Equipment was released.

Early Innovation

In 1999, production of the 2000 Series Multiproduct Calibrator and the 2100, the world’s first Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator began.

Our Beginnings

in 1997, Transmille was founded as a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory and began development of ProCal and ProCal Track software.