Key Features

  • Enable export of your laboratory database to an on-site laptop
  • Reduce data re-entry and replication through an automated process
  • Enables simple use of ProCal calibration software to automate on-site calibration


On-site calibration is becoming an ever-more important part of many calibration laboratories’ workloads. So why perform this calibration any differently from in the laboratory?

ProSite software allows users to take their instrument database and procedures on-site, and then re-import the data back into the laboratory database to prevent unneeded data re-entry, minimizing errors and making calibration faster on-site.

Using ProSite is as simple as selecting the customer that you intend to visit, pressing ‘export’ and then copying the database to a laptop computer. When returning from the site, simply reverse the process and all data that was collected on-site is re-integrated into your main database.

This video provides a brief overview of ProSite.