Transmille Service Plans Include:

  • Annual ISO17025:2017 Accredited calibration
  • Verification and adjustment as necessary to maintain performance to specifications
  • Updates to instrument firmware if applicable
  • Priority turn around on calibrations
  • Minor repairs necessary while in for calibration
  • Courtesy recall reminder (electronic or snail mail)
  • Access to all online calibration records via your own online portal
  • Loaner units if necessary repairs are expected to take more than 10 days

Minor repairs included when in for calibrations

No nickel and dime costs and hassles of getting approval for minor repairs gets your equipment back to you faster

First on Bench Priority Calibrations

With a service plan your equipment goes first in line for calibrations with an aim to turn them around in 3 to 4 days!

Best Value Service Plans

Our service plans are structured to give you piece of mind and simplify your life, not break your budget. Plans are only a minor increase over annual calibration costs.

Curtousy Calibration Due Reminders

Using our Proweb utility you can access your calibration records at anytime. Set your recall reminders up on your timescale!

Service Plan Pricing by Product

Don’t see your product of interest? Give us a call we can structure a service plan for you (802) 846 7582

4000 Series Calibrators

Model Term Price

4010 5 Years $7600

4010 3 Years $4600

4015 5 Years $6400

4015 3 Years $3900

3000 / 9000 Calibrators

Model Term Price

3010 5 Years $6900

3010 3 Years $4200

3041/9041 5 Years $5600

3041/9041 3 Years $3400

1000 Calibrators

Model Term Price

1000 5 Years $3000

1000 3 Years $1900

8000 Precision DMMs

Model Term Price

8104 5 Years $6600

8104 3 Years $4000