Key Features

All features of the 3000 Plus...

  • Variable resistance to 1 GOhm
  • Variable capacitance to 100 mF
  • Extended AC Voltage frequency to 1 MHz
  • Extended AC Current frequency to 30 kHz
  • USB & GPIB (IEEE-488) interfaces standard
  • Remote command emulation mode
  • 7″ full color touch screen
  • Embedded calibration system


The 4000 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers, and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8 ppm.

The 4000 Series builds on the trusted reliability of the 3000A Series, offering an updated user interface accessed through a large, 7″ touch screen to enable advanced functionality, including a built-in procedure mode and connection prompts, to minimize errors. USB printer capability supports production line automated test reporting without need for a PC and software



The 4000 Series is protected by Transmille’s I-GUARD protection circuitry protecting the calibrator against accidental damage through wrong connections up to ± 1000V RMS.

All Transmille calibrators have been protected by I-GUARD since 2006



Fitted with low thermal beryllium copper terminals, the 4000 Series enables connection with 4mm banana jacks, spades and bare wire without the need for additional adapters.

LED illumination identifies which terminals should be connected to depending on output settings of the calibrator


Expanding the outputs offered by the 3000A Series, the 4000 Series provides an advanced oscilloscope calibration option with bandwidth calibration of up to 6 GHz with variable level. This expands the calibration workload to include spectrum analyzers and high bandwidth oscilloscopes.

Procedures can be loaded into the 4000 Series via USB memory stick, with results stored for integration back into ProCal software.

The 4000 Series also provides USB printer connectivity standard, supporting a wide range of PCL-compliant printers.



To maintain confidence in your equipment, simply connect an 8000 Series digital multimeter to the rear of the unit and enter ‘self-calibration mode’. The 4000 series will then proceed to measure its outputs automatically and generate a test report which can be exported to a USB memory stick for analysis on a computer, and print a test report via a USB printer for maintaining records.



As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed. Existing procedures will not need to be re-written, due to Transmille’s unique implementation of flexible standards support where procedures are written around the UUT, not the standard.

All Models

Choose the perfect Model

4010 Model

4015 Model

DC Voltage
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0 – ±1025V
±8 ppm
0 – ±1025V
±15 ppm
DC Current
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0 – 30A
±50 ppm
0 – 30A
±50 ppm
AC Voltage
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
20mV – 1000V, 10Hz - 1MHz
20mV – 1000V, 10Hz – 500kHz
AC Current
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
20uA – 30A, 10Hz – 30kHz
20uA – 30A, 10Hz – 30kHz
Resistance (Passive)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0 Ohms – 1 GOhm
±8 ppm
0 Ohms – 1 GOhm
±100 ppm
Resistance (Variable)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0 Ohms – 1 GOhm
±100 ppm
0 Ohms – 1 GOhm
±100 ppm
Capacitance (Passive)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
1nF - 10uF
1nF - 10uF
Capacitance (Variable)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
0.95uF - 100mF
0.95uF - 100mF
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
10Hz – 1MHz
1 ppm
10Hz – 1MHz
20 ppm (1 ppm option)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
DC/10Hz - 400Hz
DC/10Hz - 400Hz
Temperature (PRT/RTD)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
2 Wire Variable/2, 3, & 4 Wire Passive
2 Wire Variable/2, 3, & 4 Wire Passive
Temperature (Thermocouple)
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
11 Types
11 Types
Best 1 Year Total Accuracy
1mH - 10H
1mH - 10H

Internal Options (Choose At Time Of Order)

PRT/RTD Temperature Simulation (Option PRT, Included in -SYS Models)

The PRT option simplifies calibration of high-accuracy resistance thermometers. Reliable readings are guaranteed regardless of measurement technique, because the calibrator uses passive precision resistors.When the PRT option is calibrated, the precise temperature values on the ITS-90 scale for PT-385 resistors are stored in the memory.  The values can be recalled and displayed every time a specific resistor is chosen, to allow accurate calibration.

When combined with the SIMRC option, an additional 2-Wire variable output is available, which enables simulation of any value.

Simulated Resistance & Capacitance (Option SIMRC, Included in -SYS Models)

This option allows for resistance calibration between cardinal points. It has a continuous resistance range between 0 Ohms and 1 GOhms, with variable capacitance from 0.95uF to 100mF.

This option enables calibration of multimeters with non-decade calibration points.

Inductance Calibration Option (IND)

Simulated Resistance & Capacitance

*this option is included in -SYS units

This option allows for resistance calibration between cardinal points. It has a continuous resistance range between 0 Ohms and 1 GOhms, with variable capacitance from 0.95uF to 100mF.

This option enables calibration of multimeters with non-decade calibration points.

High Stability Frequency Output (Option FRQ, Included in 4010 models)

The FRQ option is available for the 4015.  It is a 1 ppm high-stability frequency output, for calibrating high accuracy frequency counters.

The FRQ option reduces equipment requirements for the calibration of hand-held frequency counters, and removes the need to install 10MHz distribution throughout the laboratory or workshop.

Oscilloscope Calibration (Option SCP)

Advanced oscilloscope calibration option, adding the ability to calibrate oscilloscopes to your multiproduct calibrator.

Waveforms for amplitude, timebase, rise time, and bandwidth are provided, with outputs up to 300V pk-pk.

SCP350 enables calibration of oscilloscopes up to 350 MHz.

SCP600 enables calibration of oscilloscopes up to 600 MHz.

SCP6GH enables calibration of oscilloscopes up to 6 GH.

External Adaptors and Accessories (Add Anytime)

Thermocouple Simulation & Measurement Adapter (EA001A)

For the ultimate in accuracy, Transmille has designed a dedicated source/measure external adapter. This keeps the electronics required to generate the low-level signals used for thermocouple simulation as close as possible to the measuring input of the thermometer, which also allows the signal to be as free from electrical noise as possible, and eliminates errors caused by heat from surrounding electronics.

The cold junction compensation (CJC) sensor is mounted in the thermocouple plug itself. By measuring the cold junction at the instrument’s input, you can simulate any type of thermocouple without using thermocouple compensation cables.


  • Enables fast and accurate calibration of thermocouple meters
  • Uses an innovative external measurement of cold junction temperature for ultimate accuracy
  • Utilizing a thermocouple plug removes the requirement for expensive thermocouple compensation cable

2/10/50 Turn Coil Adapter (EA002)

The Transmille EA002 offers several unique features.

Robust construction allows for years of hard use without risking damage to the coil.  An included alignment table ensures repeatable results.  This option was designed for the calibration of wound AC and magnetic field hall effect AC/DC clamp meters.


  • Calibrates clamp meters up to 1500A (30A input)
  • Wide range of clamp sizes covered
  • 2/10/50 Turn Coils
  • High accuracy AC/DC design, with minimal errors due to alignment
  • Alignment table included for accurate and repeatable readings

Optical Tachometer Calibration Adapter (EA003)

Optical adapters can be calibrated quickly and easily, thanks to a high-intensity LED light source. Using the keypad, or ProCal software for automated calibration, simply enter the RPM value. With a range of 60 – 60,000 RPM, the EA003 can calibrate a whole range of optical tachometers.


  • High-intensity LED light source
  • Direct keyboard input in RPM
  • Control via ProCal for fully automated calibration
  • Output range from 60 to 60,000 RPM

High Resistance/pA Measurement Adapter (EA008)

This option eliminates the need for a separate electrometer. The low-cost EA008 provides five current measurement ranges, down to 10nA, with a resolution of 1pA. It also incorporates a ‘virtual ground’ input, avoiding input impedance errors.

The EA008 allows high-accuracy resistance measurements at any voltage up to 1000V, with the high voltage output from the 4000 Series calibrators.


  • Accurate current measurement down to 1pA resolution
  • Ideal for high value resistance measurements up to 1 TOhm
  • High resistance measurement voltages up to 1000V
  • 5 current measurement rnages from 10nA to 100uA
  • Control directly from the calibrator front panel or use with ProCal software

100A DC/70A AC Transconductance Amplifier (EA3012A)

The EA3012A is a powerful linear transconductance amplifier designed for use with Transmille calibrators to provide a cost-effective solution for generation of high currents.

The EA3012A connects directly to the adapter input connector on the front of Transmille calibrators and is controlled directly via the front panel with output in terms of Amps, or can be automated through ProCal calibration software.

Higher currents are available by paralleling multiple EA3012A amplifiers to reach currents in excess of 300A.


  • 100 DC/70A AC up to 400Hz
  • Stackable for higher currents
  • Low-noise ultra linear MOSFET technology
  • Controlled directly via front panel of calibrator
  • Automation through ProCal software
  • Ideal for calibrating high current shunts, meters and clamp meters

High Resistance/pA Measurement Adapter (EA013)

This option eliminates the need for a separate electrometer. The low-cost EA008 provides five current measurement ranges, down to 10nA, with a resolution of 1pA. It also incorporates a ‘virtual ground’ input, avoiding input impedance errors.

The EA008 allows high-accuracy resistance measurements at any voltage up to 1000V, with the high voltage output from the 4000 Series calibrators.


  • Ideal for calibration of electrometer instruments
  • Source accurate current down to picoamp levels
  • Low open circuit compliance voltage
  • Safe to use on sensitive input circuits
  • Controlled directly from the calibrator front panel or via supplied software
  • Compatible with ProCal for full measurement automation

Torque Calibration Adapter (EA014)

Connecting the EA014 to your Transmille calibrator adds torque calibration capabilities to your laboratory in a cost-effective way.

An external torque transducer allows you to calibrate torque screwdrivers up to 10Nm, with a range of torque transducers from 1Nm to 1500Nm.

Multi-Function Workstation (EA015)

The Multi-Function Workstation is a central work area, where all connections are conveniently routed to terminals mounted on the adapter front.

This workstation provides a versatile platform for efficient calibration of equipment, incorporating the advanced clamp coil, thermocouple simulation and tachometer calibration adapters.  It also includes process control source/measure capabilities.


  • Insulation Testers
  • Continuity Testers
  • Optical Tachometers
  • Thermocouple Meters
  • Clamp Meters
  • Source functions of process control meters

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Adapter (EA016)

The EA016 allows measurement of the local temperature and humidity for recording on certificates and test reports.

Working on-site makes it essential to maintain accurate calibration records.  The EA016 avoids the requirement of humidity/temperature probes.


  • Humidity measurement from 10% to 90%
  • Temperature measurement from 0°C to 50°C

Option Documentation


4-Channel Oscilloscope Test Head Adapter (EA017)

The EA017 provides a 4-channel switching test head for automation of oscilloscope calibration.

You can easily select a low impedance buffered amplitude output for accurate calibration of 50 Ohm output oscilloscopes.


  • 4 Output channels for automating oscilloscope calibration
  • Minimizes lead changing when calibrating oscilloscopes
  • Choose between direct or buffered outputs for amplitude calibration

Option Documentation


3A/63V Power Supply Calibration Adapter (EA3023)

The EA3023 is an essential option for simplifying calibration of power supplies. The PSU adapter measures the output voltage, and provides a precision electronic load. This allows volts, current, and even output resistance to be calibrated in one compact unit. Accuracy and dependability are assured through 4-wire connection.

The output resistance of the PSU can be easily measured by measuring the on load/off load voltages of a power supply. Operation is controlled through the virtual front panel software (supplied) or ProCal.


  • Measures voltage up to 63V
  • Active current load to 3A
  • Calculates output resistance of a power supply for complete calibration

AC/DC Kilovolt Amplifier (EA3024)

The EA3024, with its advanced electronics, is a simple and safe, cost-effective solution for calibration of high voltage probes and dividers.

It can be controlled through dedicated front panel software, or ProCal for safe calibration at high voltages.


  • Outputs from 1kV to 10kV DC
  • Outputs from 1kV to 5kV AC at up to 60Hz
  • Operated using supplied software or via ProCal calibration software

60A/60V Power Supply Calibration Adapter (EA3025A)

The EA3025A is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for calibrating high current power supplies.

An accurate, stable electronic load simulates current load on power supplies, and allows measurement of voltage and output resistance.  It minimizes equipment required for calibrating these common devices.


  • Easy to use, low cost solution
  • Accurate, stable electronic load
  • Minimizes equipment required for calibration

Option Documentation


TPMXX Pressure Modules (TPM001 to TPM018)

A modern calibration laboratory must be able to perform calibration in multiple disciplines in order to remain competitive. Transmille has a range of pressure modules to assist, adding pressure management capability to our products.

Choose from a range of pressure modules that connect directly to our products, and provide read-back directly on-screen.

Transmille 4000 Series Multi Product Calibrator

This video provides a brief overview of the 4000 Series Multi Product Calibrator.

4000 Series - Direct Ohms Selection

In this short video we demonstrate the latest updates to the 4000 series. The addition of new function keys enable direct access to the decade passive resistors enabling outputs to be directly accessed with a single touch of the screen.

4000 Series - Automated Verification

An example of the automated verification functionality using a Transmille 8081 precision multimeter.

4000 Series - Procedure Mode

Demonstration of the built-in procedure mode using a typical multimeter.

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