Key Features

  • Electrometer currents to 10nA
  • Resistance from 1 MOhm to 100 GOhm
  • Traceable to 1 GOhm standard


The 3000HR provides a traceable source for high-voltage resistance, consisting of a buildup box of 1 GOhm and 10 Gohm resistors, allowing a buildup to 100 Gohm.

High-value resistance standards are required by many laboratories for calibration of modern multimeters with extended resistance ranges.  Most are costly, and it is difficult to maintain confidence in their accuracy over time.

With the 3000HR, with comparison to a 1 GOhm standard, values of up to 100 GOhm can be generated.

To assist with automating the calibration of sensitive electrometers, an RS232 interface is provided to switch decade values, from 1 MOhm to 100 GOhm, suitable for resistance calibration and low-current sourcing.

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