Multi Product Calibrators

Transmille’s wide range of multiproduct calibrators offer exceptional workload coverage at an affordable price point, and are used in calibration laboratories, standards laboratories and workshops across the globe.

Our Multi-Product Calibrators come in four different series 1000, 3000, 9000 and 4000. Each have a range of internal options and external adaptors to expand beyond other manufacturers capabilities, ensuring the widest and most comprehensive functionality of any multiproduct calibrator available.

All Transmille Calibrators come with at least the following functions; AC/DC Voltage to 1000V, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Frequency and Capacitance. Additional options for Power, Oscilloscopes, Inductance, PRT/RTD, Thermocouple, Insulation Testers, Optical Tachometers and Current Clampmeters are available. The workload chart below provides basic overview of what each calibrator can do for you.


1000 Series

9000 Series

3000 Series

4000 Series

up to 4.5 Digits
up to 5.5
up to 6.5
up to 7.5
PRT/RTD SimulationOptionOptionOption
Thermocouple SimulationOptionOptionOption
Thermocouple MeasureOptionOptionOptionOption
Pressure ModulesOptionOptionOptionOption
up to 600MHzOptionOptionOption
up to 6GHzOption
Safety Testers
Megohm MetersOptionOptionOptionOption
Insulation ResistanceOptionOptionOptionOption
Continuity ResistanceOptionOptionOptionOption
Power MetersOptionOptionOption
Harmonic AnalyzersOptionOptionOption
Power AnalyzerOptionOptionOption
Frequency Counters
Process Control Meters
(Measurement Functions)
Clamp MetersOptionOptionOptionOption
Optical TachometersOptionOptionOptionOption
Pico Amp SourceOptionOptionOption
Pico Amp MeterOptionOptionOption
Torque MeasurementOptionOptionOption
Environmental Control MeasurementOptionOptionOption
High Current Shunts to 100A DC, 70A ACOptionOptionOption
Clamp Meters to 2000A DC & ACOptionOptionOption
Power Supply (to 3A)OptionOptionOption
High Voltage ProbesOptionOptionOption
LCR Meter (Inductance Functions)OptionOptionOption