Precision References

3000ZR Zener Voltage Reference

4 Channel, temperature controlled, 1V and 10V laboratory reference

The 3000ZR is an integrated 1.018V and 10V reference standard using multiple independent zeners, with annual stability better than 2ppm/year! It features an internal rechargeable battery, so you can take it on-site or use it in your laboratory. The 3000ZR is fitted with easy to see power, ready, and low battery indicators.

The robust design gives the 3000ZR the ability to sustain accidental short circuits without damage or affecting accuracy, while remaining lightweight and transportable.


Primary AC/DC Current Shunts

1mA to 100A values. AC/DC differences less than 1ppm

Transmille offers a set of current shunts which enable measurement of current from 1mA to 100A. Each shunt develops 0.7V at nominal full scale, enabling a wide range of multimeters to be used without loss of resolution due to changing range.

Low inductance & capacitance with flat frequency response. Our Primary shunts can be used with a precision multimeter or an AC measurement standard to simplifies precision calibration of calibrators and current sources


3000RS Resistance Standard

Resistance from 1 Ohm to 10MOhm

The 3000RS provides decade reference resistances from 1 Ohm to 10MOhm. It maintains annual stabilities of better than 5ppm without the need for an oil bath, with temperature co-efficients as low as 0.1ppm/°C

Using the 3000RS with the 8500 low thermal scanner provides an automated solution for calibration of precision multimeters.


3000HR High Resistance Standard

Electrometer currents to 10nA Resistance from 1 MOhm to 100 GOhm Traceable to 1 GOhm standard

The 3000HR provides a traceable source for high-voltage resistance, consisting of a buildup box of 1 GOhm and 10 Gohm resistors, allowing a buildup to 100 Gohm.

With the 3000HR, with comparison to a 1 GOhm standard, values of up to 100 GOhm can be generated.

To assist with automating the calibration of sensitive electrometers, an RS232 interface is provided to switch decade values, from 1 MOhm to 100 GOhm, suitable for resistance calibration and low-current sourcing.


Programmable Resistance Decade

0 to 100kOhm decade box, with 0.1% accuracy option

The 2090 provides passive resistance output, and exactly mimics the performance of traditional decade boxes. For use without a computer, the 2090 provides control via keys on the front panel, and a display to indicate the current output.


3000CS Economical Current Shunt Array

4 current shunts in one convenient case, 10mA to 10A.

The 3000CS provides a precision set of current shunts for current ranges from 10mA to 10A, providing additional ranges for multimeters that either lack sufficient accuracy at required currents, or lack the required current ranges entirely.

The 3000CS is set of 4 shunts with dedicated current input and voltage sense inputs, with 1 year stability of up to 5ppm, and temperature coefficients of less than 0.6ppm/°C. High precision, current-sensing foil resistors provide unmatched self-heating effects without requiring immersion in oil baths.

To verify self-heating effects, a 4-wire PT100 output is provided, so self-heating effects can be monitored and independently verified against existing standards