Starter Package

Commercial Package

Professional Package

Generation Functions Range
Voltage AC/DC up to 1000V
Current AC/DC up to 30A
Resistance (pass/var) up to 1GΩ
Capacitance (pass/var) up to 100mF
Inductance up to 10H
Frequency up to 10MHz
Power DC/ up to 400Hz
Thermocouples & PRT/RTD
Measurement Functions Range
Voltage AC/DC up to 1000V
Current AC/DC up to 30A
Resistance up to 1TΩ
Frequency up to 1MHz
Thermocouples & PRT/RTD

Additional options available for power, oscilloscopes, and a wide variety of external adapters.

The Commercial Rack package includes all the generation and measurement functions of the Starter package, Plus GPS-frequency based measurement and sourcing.

The Commercial package features upgraded accuracy for generation functions from your multi-product calibrator.

The Professional Rack package includes all of the features of the Commercial Rack, and adds four 3000 series precision references:

3000ZR - Zener DC Voltage Reference: The 3000ZR uses multi-cell, solid-state zener reference technology.

3000HR - Precision High Voltage Source: The 3000HR provides a traceable source for high-voltage resistance, allowing a buildup to 100 Gohm.

3000RS - Precision Resistance Reference: The 3000RS offers annual stabilities of better than 5ppm, with temperature co-efficients as low as 0.1ppm/°C.

3000CS - Precision AC/DC Current Shunts: The 3000CS provides additional ranges for multimeters that either lack sufficient accuracy at required currents, or lack the required current ranges entirely.


The Starter Rack provides electrical generation and measurement capabilities with adequate precision to calibrate most 4.5 digit multimeters and process calibrators, as well as numerous other test instruments.

The Commercial Rack includes all Starter capabilities, plus increased sourcing precision for 5.5 to 6 digit multimeters, as well as GPS-based frequency sourcing and measurement.

The Professional Rack includes all Commercial capabilities and adds precision references for in-house verification and quality checks of your standards. This allows for reduced uncertainties and extended calibration intervals. Ideal for labs looking for the highest level of precision and confidence in their measurements.


The Starter Rack provides an economical entry point to electrical calibrations, ideal for smaller labs looking to expand capabilities and capture more business from their existing customer base.

The Commercial Rack is targeted for medium-sized labs, including those which may want multiple racks to increase throughput. It is ideal for ISO-17025 labs looking to improve or expand upon existing capabilities.

The Professional Rack is a top-notch turnkey system including training and uncertainty analysis, ideal for universities and government or military research labs.




*Includes 3 days of on-site installation, commissioning and training on hardware and software, with overview of uncertainty analysis.